How it works

In Huge you can upload an audio file to any post.

You can publish audio along side text-based posts to create a hybrid podcast and blog.

On your hosted site audio posts will have an audio player above any written content you’ve written for that post.

Audio posts will also be added to RSS feeds, which can be subscribed to with RSS readers and podcast apps.

In most RSS readers an audio player will appear for audio posts so readers can listen in. Both text and audio posts will appear in RSS readers.

In podcast players the same feed will only show audio posts (non-audio posts are filtered out by the apps).

The main written content of an audio post is used as the episode description (“show notes”) in podcast apps.

How to upload audio to a post

Once you have created a new post in Huge you will see an “Add audio” button. Click this to add an audio file from your computer.

You can record audio from any application. Make sure to export as an MP3 file so that Huge can accept it.

Add artwork

You may want to add episode episode artwork to your audio posts. This artwork will be shown when your post is playing in podcast apps in place of the main podcast artwork. It will also be displayed on your Huge-hosted hosted site.

If your audio file already has embedded artwork (perhaps you’ve edited its ID3 tags before uploading), this artwork will be used as the episode artwork as you upload the file.

To manually add episode artwork to a post in Huge you can click on “Upload artwork” next to the audio player.

Add chapters

There are a few different ways to add chapter data to podcast episodes.

Read our blog post about adding chapters to podcasts

Huge currently supports adding chapters to audio files before upload.

You can use Huge’s free podcast chapters app to quickly and easily add chapters to your episode.

Once that’s done, upload the file to your post in Huge.