Huge has a great feature that automatically converts private member-only posts to public after a specific period of time.

This allows you to create early-access posts for your members, creating a premium offering that could help convert new members.

Set up early access posts

When you publish a post, set the post visibility to “Members”. Then check the “Enable early access” checkbox and select the date after which you want the post to change to “Public”.

That’s it!

How early access posts appear

Your members will recieve a notification as you publish, like normal.

During the early access period, posts will show up as “Member only” on your hosted site, and will be visible in member feeds. Early-access posts do not show up in your public feed during the early access period.

After the early access period is over, the post will appear as if it were a public post on your hosted site, and will show up like a new post in your public feed.